Directly in the town all community amenities are located - a bank (Česká Spořitelna), a post- office, ATMs (ČS, GEMB, KB), restaurants, fast foods, shops, supermarkets (LIDL, Penny Market) and others.


The sports hall, offering possibility for playing badminton, basketball, floorball, soccer, handball, ping- pong or tennis, is situated near the city centre. It also includes outdoor clay courts for volleyball and netball.


Worth a look is the municipal swimming pool which is located in the northern part of the town, close to the city centre. This complex was fully renewed and reopened to the public in 2002.

Over Česká Kamenice there is a basaltic hill with rock view "Jehla". Adjusted trail leads to the small sightseeing view with the railing which was accessed in 1879. The path to Jehla is passing rocks with columnar decay of the basalt, shallow pit called Trpasličí pánev.
Of particular interest is the Castle Kamenice with its fortress, representing the typical architecture of the Hussite wars period. It was built most likely after 1423- probably during the reign of Zikmund of Wartemberk who inhabited Kamenice from 1428 to 1438. In 1997 the building of the look- out tower was approved. The construction was done in 1998 by Karel Klouda. The Castle is freely accessible.

Pravčická brána in nearby Hřensko is the largest natural rock gate on this continent. It is a National natural monument and it is also considered as the most beautiful natural phenomenon of the Bohemian Switzerland. There are many views from which visitors can admire this sandstone giant.

The Museum of Glass in near Kamenický Šenov offers to visitors not only the permanent exhibitions but also temporary exhibitions regarding the art of the glass from history and nowadays.
National natural monument Panská skála is a geological locality with the famous stone organ created by the movement of the basalt during the hardening of magma. It is located in Kamenický Šenov. This wonder was popularized thanks to many films - mostly by the famous Czech fairy tale The Proud Princess from 1952 and by the French film about the Merlin the Wizard from 2011.
The Museum of Glass in Nový Bor follows the development of the glass industry in the region, it documents activities of the local school of glass and it pays attention to the creation of individuals. In 1994 the glass competitions were re-established and the most successful works are included in the permanent exhibitions.
Děčín Castle, situated on the rock above the confluence of the rivers Elbe and Ploučnice, is one of the most significant historical wonders of the northern Bohemia. In the past centuries it worked as a base of Czech prince, a fortress or as a residence of many important royal houses. Thanks to the reconstruction visitors can explore the greatness of the castle, see the apartment of the former owner, enjoy the beautiful view of the town and experience the unique atmosphere in the lovely Pink Garden.
In Benešov nad Ploučnicí, the complex of two significant separated chateaus has been preserved - Upper and Lower Chateau. Linked to them is also third renaissance unique object - Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. All three objects are connected by the House of Salhausen that came to Bohemia at the beginning of the 16th century and started many construction activities in the spirit of the Saxon Renaissance there.
In Kamenice you can also experience the ride in the historical M 131.1302 diesel train called “Hurvínek” which runs from Česká Kamenice to Kamenický Šenov, where you can visit the Museum of Glass or walk to the legendary Panská Skála Hill where the fairy tale The Proud Princess was filmed, and back.
The cultural heritage look-out tower on Studenec, which is also the second oldest iron look-out tower in Czech republic, was restored and in 2009 officially opened to the public. It is located in Líska near Česká Kamenice.
No one would guess that in Nový Oldřichov in Českolipsko, less than 3 kilometres from Kamenický Šenov, is the Museum of Fire. There are many historical fire-fighting equipments and tools side by side with diverse curiosities and toys. You should see that…
There are several defiles on the river Kamenice near Hřensko - Srbskokamenická, Ve Strži behind Dolský Mlýn and then the two most famous- Divoká and Edmundova which used to be called the Silent defile. Srbskokamenická defile (used to be called the Ferdinand’s) is a deep canyon between sandstone rocks.
Ruins of the former mill are seen in the romantic spot in the canyon of the river Kamenice. This mill is known from the fairy tale The Proud Princess. Surroundings of the mill and the river are very charming places to spend some time there. In the summertime you can see sunrays shining on the crystal clear water through the tree crowns where large number of fish swim. This magical place will take you to the fairyland.
On the top of the hill Dymník is a look-out tower with the interesting life story. It was not built by any tourist club or town but by the private person - namely Rumburk city councillor August Wenschuch who in this way decided to celebrate his sixtieth birthday and his retirement. He funded the construction, which was finished in 1896, from his own private money. Since 1895 there has been a restaurant you can visit.
The most significant view point on the Sněžník hill is 33 metres high stone look-out tower. It was built in 1864 what makes it one of the oldest ones in the Czech Republic. After the reconstruction it was reopened to public in 1992. You can visit the buffet and the chalet with restaurant which are nearby. The top of the hill is accessible from several directions, all with marked paths.


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